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Friday, November 9, 2012

On The Decks

I am brewing again today, for the third time in the last seven days. Ok, last Friday was trying not to get in the way at Devils' Backbone during the second brewing of Morana, but it counts. Earlier this week I made use of the last of my extract to make an Oatmeal Milk Stout, made with oat malt, hopped exclusively with Kazbek (thanks Evan!) and is now being fermented by that trusty 1728 Scottish Ale yeast.

Today though I am brewing the second of the big winter hitters for Mrs V's uncle in North Carolina, this time an Export Oatmeal Milk Stout, I am aiming for about 1.083 according to my Hopville recipe, though given the last time I brewed I missed my gravity target, I am reticent to call it an Imperial Oatmeal Milk Stout at this point (see, I can make up styles as well!).

When I woke up this morning, I knew that it definitely wasn't a 'brewing while listening to Morning Classics on NPR' kind of brewday, so here is a selection of tunes that will feature today:

You can't go wrong with ELO really can you?

If you have never heard of Cecile Corbel, I suggest you do so...

Louis Armstrong. Nuff said.

Have a good weekend people!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Brew Tunes

I might brew this weekend. I am working at Starr Hill tomorrow, but Sunday morning is always a nice time to break out the mash tun and kettle. If I do brew then I will make the first batch of this year's LimeLight, my annual witbier with lime peel instead of orange and hopped exclusively with Saaz.

Whenever I brew though, I love to listen to music on my Spotify account, so I though today rather than bang on about something or other in the beer world, I would introduce you to some of the new stuff on my Spotify and give you an insight into what I am listening to at the moment.

Vukovi - Schwagger

I first heard about Vukovi, a Scottish band with a Serbian name that means "the wolves", whilst listening to Vic Galloway on BBC Radio Scotland. You have to love being able to listen to Radio Scotland online! Anyway, they were on his show and did a few live songs, including a heavied up cover of Katy Perry's "Part of Me" which was fantastic. I have become something of a fan, listening to them regularly, and loving this song.

Jakil - Swings and Daffodils

One of my favourite functions on Spotify is the "Related Artists" option, and it was clicking on that from Vukovi that brought this band to my attention, and this track from their EP Swings was the stand out.

The Vatersay Boys - The Gael

Last of the Mohicans is a film that I can watch anytime, and the most distinctive piece of music from it is The Gael. The Vatersay Boys are from the Outer Hebrides and to get my brewing going of a morning there is nothing like listening to some ceilidh music from home.

Vukovi - Vincible

More Vukovi, just because.

Have a great weekend people!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Heading North

Well, my week in Florida is coming to an end today, and we will be driving north to Columbia in South Carolina to spend the weekend there before continuing on to Charlottesville on Sunday. While we have been here, I have mainly been drinking Samuel Adams Boston Lager and there's not really much that can be said about such a good, consistent and tasty beer.

So, I guess, ahead of a weekend in the car, I'll leave you for the next couple of days with some good driving music.....

America - A Horse with No Name

Starflyer 59 - Minor Keys

Starflyer 59 - Please, Please, Please (as it is referenced in the last song)

Fleetwood Mac - Gypsy

Have a good weekend people!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Sod the Words

I was planning to write a post about the politics of beer price, but I was listening to some music as I was writing and decided that some tunes would be more uplifting in preparation for the weekend.

Ben Leibrand's 1989 remix of Eve of the War from Jeff Wayne's awesome War of the Worlds.

Jeff Wayne's original - the voice for the uninitiated is Richard Burton.

Continuing the Jeff theme, you can't beat a bit of Jeff Lynne

This song has been something of a theme tune for me this week, and nobody does it better than The Corries.

Have a good weekend people!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Breaching the Cellar

I mentioned on Wednesday that Mrs Velkyal and I are heading down the road to Williamsburg today for the weekend, but didn't tell you why we are getting away for a couple of days.Quite simply it is because yesterday marked 5 years since we met in Pivovarsky klub back in Prague.

You could say then that good beer (part of me is tiring of the whole "craft beer" appellation - a beer is either good or it isn't) has been part of our relationship from day one. Unfortunately this wouldn't really be true because the very next time we went out we were boozing up on Gambrinus or some such other junk. Eventually though we turned PK into our regular haunt, not just because we met there but because it was convenient to our flat and we liked the atmosphere.

I am not generally the soppy romantic sort, or at least not in the buying flowers way of thinking about it. Tonight though, I will be breaching the hallowed sanctum of my beer cellar for some beers to celebrate both our meeting and some of the momentous events that have followed. With that in mind, I will first polish off my bottle of J.W. Lees 2005 Harvest Ale for the year we met. That will be followed by a bottle of the 2008 for the year we got married, and lastly the 2009 Vintage for the year we moved to the States.

While being utterly sentimental, this is the song that sticks most in both our minds from the night we met and went on from PK to the meat market which is Lucerna, it also came on the radio just as Mrs V's limo pulled up to Prague's New Town Hall for our wedding.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Turn off the Tap!

I am fairly sure I have mentioned this before, possibly more than once, but I am an Army Brat. My father was in the British Army, as were my great uncle, my Old Contemptible great grandfather, my brother and assorted ancestors.

We lived in Germany as well as various parts of the UK. Wherever we were living though, there was always a regimental open day, when you could sit in the tanks, helicopters and get a close up long at other bits of kit. In the summer, my little brother and I would spend a lot of time going to work with Dad.  Every Remembrance Day we would remember those that died in various wars. When we lived in Arborfield we would go to the Aldershot Show. We would watch the Royal Tournament and Edinburgh Military Tattoo on the tele.

What has this all to do with beer? They say that an army marches on its stomach, and that stomach traditionally received a daily ration of ale, and they would buy beer from the local taverns wherever they were campaigning. It was during the War of the Austrian Succession that the British Army adopted the Dutch practice of "Doe den tap toe", which literally translates as "turn the tap to", or stop pouring the beer. Apparently the British Army made the tattoo, as it became known, into a signal played by the Pipes and Drums to the local publicans to get them to stop serving, and for the soldiers to get back to barracks at a decent hour.

The tattoo was, in effect, the call for last orders. Today though, a tattoo is a all about military bands and display teams, like the White Helmets, the and the Massed Bands, such as the Pipes and Drums in the video below.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Some Friday Fun

After the week I have had, I think some fun is in order to take us into the weekend!

Madness really are the best for feel good tunes.

Can't beat Monty Python really can you?

Though Eddie Izzard comes close!

Not beer related, but there we go. Have a good weekend people!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Driving Mrs Velkyal

Today is a momentous day in Velkyal World, and one that Mrs Velkyal has been eagerly anticipating since the day we arrived in Charlottesville. Today I got my driving license, at the ripe old age of very nearly 34! People have looked at me with incredulity for years because I couldn't drive, but when you live in Prague for 10 years with its phenomenal metro, tram and bus system, there really is no need to burden yourself with the expense of a car, insurance and petrol (that's gas, and at current prices it is about 4 times as expensive as here in Charlottesville!).

In honour of my passing the test, first time round as well, here are a couple of songs to take you in to the weekend.

By the way - I am now on Twitter, so come follow me!

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