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Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Rumours are True

On Beer Culture last week, Evan mentioned that the beer at Pra?sky Most u Vals? had improved quite dramatically. To be perfectly frank, as I wrote here, it really couldn't get much worse. I am not usually one for pouring beer down the sink, but when I last tried the dark that's exactly where it went.

At something of a loose lunch time end, I sent Evan a message to see if he fancied a quick pint over lunch and we agreed to meet at Pra?sky Most to try again. Sure enough the beers are betetr than last year, particularly the dark, which is a nice dry schwarzbier style. Simply put, it is good to see brewpubs not sitting on their laurels and trying to improve their beers.

We decided however not to have lunch there, opting instead on the spur of the moment to drop into one of Ron Pattinson's favourite Prague haunts - U Rotundy, a proper rough as nuts Czech pub, which sells Staropramen. We ended up having lunch for about 100k? each, and on the beer front I decided to have the Staropramen ?erné, which while not being a patch on the Budvar or Kout versions, really wasn't that bad at all.

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