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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Reasons to Fly

I love to travel. In my decade of living in the heart of Central Europe, I went for trips to Slovakia, Croatia, Tunisia, Germany, France, Ireland, and of course several trips home to the UK. It helps that pretty much everywhere in Europe is about 3 hours away from Prague by plane. Since moving to the US, Mrs V and I have taken several trips to various parts of the country, whether together or individually, probably my favourite place so far was North Dakota, wild, barren, and insanely beautiful. Only rarely do I travel for work, such as the occasional industry conference or sales trip.

Before taking such trips I spend time surfing the interwebs looking for information about pubs, breweries, restaurants, and sights worth seeing. Most of the hints, tips, and recommended places I find are written up by travel writers, whose jobs seem impossibly romantic. Imagine being paid to travel, sleep in fancy hotels, eat in several restaurants, and drink the local beer. It was with these lingering romantic notions that I sat down to read Evan Rail's latest Kindle single, 'Why We Fly'.

Taking something of a departure from his previous Kindle singles, about beer strangely enough, Evan looks at life as a travel writer, whom he describes as being
someone who can visit a first-tier destination like the Louvre and leave after ten minutes of taking notes, since there's always another museum and another deadline directly ahead...who can bluff past the waiting list for a trendy nightclub and then leave without even trying a drink...who will take an inordinate number of pictures of the inside of his hotel room in its just-made state and who annoyingly wants to photograph the restaurant menu as well as the food".

Couched within the tale of an unexpected ferry crossing, 'Why We Fly' is compelling, punctuated with wry observation of both his life as a travel writer and the interactions that are part and parcel of his work, and like a wonderful session beer, each page is a pleasure that makes you look forward to the next.

If you have read Evan's beer writing then you will enjoy his travel writing just as much, and if you haven't read his beer work, where exactly have you been? So pop on over to Amazon and buy 'Why We Fly'.

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