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Friday, August 22, 2008

A saunter through Prague 4 beers

Last night, after a few pre-meeting warmers at Pivovarsky Klub, I went to the magnificently titled "Sousedsky Pivovar U Bansethu", a newish brewpub in Prague 4 whose name translates as the "Neighbourhood Brewery U Bansethu". Whilst at Pivovarsky Klub I decided to pay homage to the 2008 World's Best Lager, Primator Exklusiv - a 16 degree beer weighing in at 7.5 % abv. It has to be one of the most robust drinks I have had, yet it is far smoother than many weaker lagers. More great stuff from Primator, a brewery which is rapidly becoming my favourite.

Pivovar U Bansethu has been one of the places I have wanted to get to for quite a while, unfortunately I didn't get there before Jay went back to States, he would love it! What can I say about this place - put simply, it is superb. Great beer, called Basta, wonderful atmosphere and quite possibly the best goulash I have had in the Czech Republic, and the only pub to have chillis growing in the courtyard.

Of the range of beers that they make, they had 3 available last night, 12 degree and 15 degree light lagers and a 13 degree amber lager - which is called Polotmave in czech, which literally means "half dark". Unfortunately I never got round to trying the 15 degree as it had sold out by the time I fancied one. The amber lager though is quite simply wonderful, I would ever go so far as to say that it is best beer I have had in Prague for quite some time.

After a goodly intake of Basta, we wandered down the street to a pub called Zly Casy, which translates as "Evil Times" - if evil times comes with great beer then I am more than happy. On tap they had a 10 degree light lager from Pivovar Kacov - the guys who make Stepan for Pivovarsky Klub, Litovel 12 degree light lager, and the Svaty Norbert Weizen from the Klasterni Pivovar Strahov. Prague seems to be getting quite a few pubs who are shedding the ubiquitous Gambrinus, Staropramen and Plzensky Prazdroj mega-brands for micro-brews, the thing I liked most about Zly Casy was that it was a run of the mill Czech pub - and I loved it.

I was drinking the weizen, which is something of a surprise for me because it isn't so long ago that I couldn't stand wheat beers. The Svaty Norbert Weizen is very refreshing, with a lovely aroma and a nice creamy head. And it drank great too, which is afterall the main thing!

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