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Monday, April 25, 2011

Royals Drink Beer

I am not a monarchist, I am not a republican either. It seems though that the entire blogosphere has got itself into a lather about their being no beer at reception for Prince William and Kate Middleton. It is true that I commented the following over on "I Might Have a Glass of Beer":

"If the comment had been something along the lines of "William and Kate just don't like beer so why have it?" I wouldn't have minded so much, but "not appropriate for this kind of occassion" - they may as well say that the British people are not good enough for them".

However, looking further into the whole furore, it has all blown up from a "quote" from an "insider" to the Daily Mirror (quick cultural tip for non-Brits - if the newspaper has a red top then the "news" included is likely to be utter nonsense, unless corroborated by the BBC). So, I decided to do a little research, Google being my friend, and discovered these delightful pictures:

You have to love the Queen Mum - apparently her appetite for booze was prodigious.

Her Majesty seems not to be too bothered by the presence of a pint in her hands, suggesting said "insider" is something of a pompous twat.

Prince Philip, say what you like about him, but his favourite drink is apparently Boddingtons. That was a beer last time I looked.

Prince Charles, 2002 Beer Drinker of the Year apparently.

Prince William, yes, that's beer he's holding there.

Prince Harry, how mainstream to be drinking smoothflow from a can.

According to this report in the New York Times (no red bit on the top their paper, perhaps trustworthy) the reception is to be light finger foods rather than a sit down meal. So it seems this whole thing isn't going to be the lavish overblown bash everyone seems to be thinking.

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