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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Across the Mountain

There were just four more drinking days left in the year, and 6 before I had to go back to work, so what else to do on the Saturday between Christmas and New Year? Visit a brewery of course.

Sometimes it seems as though the boom in local brewery openings is concentrated to the west of Charlottesville, where you can find Devils Backbone, Blue Mountain, Wild Wolf, and should you carry on the I-64 to a small town called Staunton, there is Redbeard Brewing. So with no commitments for several days, we met up with my good friend, and occasional collaborator, Mark, and ordered a flight of 6 beers...

The six in my flight were:
  • America's Pale Ale
  • 221 Baker Brown Ale
  • Best Coast IPA
  • AM OG Stout
  • Black Rye IPA
  • Xmas Beer
Each of the beers was perfectly acceptable, and in the 221 Baker Brown and AM OG Stout beers which made for a lovely pints on a Saturday afternoon. I was a little disappointed that their bitter, called Mycoft (are you spotting a theme yet), wasn't on tap, but that's just an incentive to get down there again when it is back.

I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised by Redbeard, decent beer, a relaxing pub like atmosphere, and a distinct lack of fripperies, and 'craft beer' nonsense waffly bollocks. Compared to some places that are springing up, it was refreshing in more than just the liquid way.

Beyond January

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