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Friday, June 8, 2012

Defining a Session

A couple of Fridays ago I posted about what I consider to be the upper limit of hop bitterness when it comes to session beer, which I put at about 40 IBU. That post generated quite a bit of discussion and prompted further questions about the nature of session beers, it also floated the question about what actually constitutes a session itself.

Lew Bryson, in his definition of a session beer, says that they are the kind of beer which you want to drink multiple pints of. To gauge opinion about how many pints would be required for a trip to the pub to become a session, I posted the poll over on the side of this blog.

Clearly the majority of Fuggled readers believe a session to be a minimum of 3 imperial pints, the equivalent of nearly 4 US pints, by a ratio of exactly 3:1. Personally I think a session is a minimum of 6 imperial pints, or 7.5 US pints, mainly because taking an abv of less than 4.5% as the norm for a session beer, 3 pints would be lunch. Well, it would have been back in the Czech Republic, and admittedly it would have been half litres rather than the extra 68ml to get to a full pint.

I realise that the poll only had three options and perhaps fails to reflect the nuances of opinion out there as to how to define a session. So imagine, if you will, you are sat in a pub, drinking a 3.8% bitter, or whatever or sub 4.5% tipple of choice would be, how many pints will you drink before you settle in for a proper session?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Why Drink Beer Instead of Wine?

An interesting question, and the basis of the poll on the side bar, but I want your opinions as comments here as well.

The question was put to me by one of the brewers at Everards, who will be appearing on BBC Radio Leicester next week to answer this exact question, so beer lovers of the world go crazy and answer the question!

Why drink beer instead of wine?

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