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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

In Praise of Pints

Is there any more iconic symbol of beer drinking than the pint? Whether it is the American pint of 473ml, or the British at 568ml, or even the 'metric' pint at a round, even 500ml. Beer drinking and pints go together like fish and chips, apple pie and ice cream, or gulá? and knedlíky. Apparently the etymology of the word 'pint' is that it originated from a painted mark on a drinking vessel up to which a publican or landlord was supposed to fill in order to give a proper measure of beer.

The pint glass is also iconic, and clearly I don't agree with Ben McFarland in his Guardian article of last year that the pint glass is an 'outdated relic'. My personal glass preference is the classic, some might say 'old fashioned', nonic.

Sure it might not be the trendiest glass in the world, but it does the job - and let's be brutally honest, who really gives a damn about the shape of the glass as long as the liquid in it is good? I don't give much credence to the whole 'different glasses for different beers' malarky and a pint of lager tastes pretty much the same in a nonic as in a fluted glass.

I can think of no better way to spend a Friday afternoon, having finished with work for the week (and I am still looking), than sitting at a bar drinking a few well earned pints. I might have a sample of something, but only to see if I want to have a full pint. I don't want a sample on which to write a review of the beer for websites that advocate its rating, I want to know is this the kind of beer I want a full pint of? I don't particularly care if the beer in question is a 10% imperial stout, I'll just drink my pint all the slower - I have essentially given up on half pints because I invariably get a second anyway.

I only have eight and a bit days until I am finished with my annual beer fast, and I am sure that first pint will taste magnificent. Whether I have it at Beer Run, McGrady's or crack open a Fullers 1845 into a nonic, it will be a pint with which I get back in the saddle, ready for another year of pints. I am looking forward to it muchly.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Beer hero of the week.

I have decided that each week, or rather each week I remember, I am going to post comments from various beer blogs, brewery websites and the like which I find worthwhile. I spend quite a bit of time looking at the websites of the smaller breweries around the world, working out how to get hold of their wares, for example I am going to Oxford in a few weeks and plan to have a few cases of ales shipped to my brother's house for consumption.

This week's Beer Hero of the Week is the Colonsay Brewery. Possibly because Colonsay is not so far from home but most likely because I just like the way these guys think, but I will be ordering a mixed case of beers to be savoured, and maybe one or two will find their way to Prague.

Anyway, ladies and gentleman - I give you the thoughts of the Colonsay Brewery:

"Our brewery is known in the trade as a five barrel plant and produces 1700 pints during each cycle. Note the use of the word PINT.

Call us old fashioned but we are committed to pints. The day people go into a Highland bar and ask for a quarter litre of beer and a 35 ml malt to chase it down is the day this brewery will be converted to the production of seaweed soup. We are a nation of beer drinks and we want a pint – not some short measure of half a litre or nonsense like that."

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