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Friday, July 6, 2012

Moved In

It has been a busy week. That, coupled with an absence of internet in Mrs V and I's new house is why there was no post on Wednesday. It had nothing to do with it being a  public holiday, or the fact that it was our wedding anniversary, I was simply too busy getting moved into the house to sit down and write.

Finally though we are all moved in and now begins the task of finding places for everything, which I doubt will be that tricky as our old flat was 830 square feet and the new house is 2600 - I dread driving past IKEA on the way back from Florida in a couple of weeks as I am sure Mrs V will be saying something along the lines of "let's just have a quick look at what they have" before spending hundreds of dollars. Today we are being hooked up to satellite TV and tomorrow to satellite internet, so things should be back to a semblance of normality.

Naturally once we were all settled in and furniture was in situ, it was time for a beer. The first beer in the new house? My gold medal winning Samoset 2010 Old Ale, where once there was 4 now there are three. I hit the spot perfectly. This weekend will be my first homebrew activity in the new place, bottling my latest bitter and the Belgian Mild I wrote about a wee while back. I doubt I will brew again until September though.

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