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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

2011 Draws Nigh

Firstly let me say a heart felt thanks to everyone who has bought the e-book or the calendar, it is very much appreciated and I hope you get plenty of use from whichever one, or both, that you bought.

What's that you say? You didn't know about my e-book and calendar? Well, in that case let me recap.

The e-book is a pocket guide to some of the many pubs in Prague. Please note though that the focus is on what I consider good pubs, regardless of the beer they serve. For example, I happen to thing that the Potrefena Husa chain of pubs is generally good, although I wouldn't drink Staropramen in them, rather Leffe Bruin. Rather than just a list of drinking establishments, the book also has 10 pub tours, with directions to the various pubs and some pointers to interesting things to see on the way. The price of said guide? Just $4.99 (that's just over 3 quid for the Brits and 3.75 Euros for those in Euroland)! I have said it before, and will say it again, the e-book features some wonderful photography by Black Gecko's Mark Stewart, who I hope to do some more collaborations with in the near future.

Perhaps, though, you won't be heading to the world's most beautiful beer drinking city any time soon, but would like to whet your appetite for such a trip. Step in, then, the 2011 Fuggled Calendar. More beautiful pictures from the esteemed Mr Stewart, capturing the atmosphere of some of Prague's best pubs. What better for the beer and pub lover in your life, or just for lovers of great photography - Mrs Velkyal has the 2010 version in her closet at work, and will have the 2011 edition shortly. The price of said treasure trove of timely delight? $15.50 plus shipping (slightly more than a tenner en Grande Bretagne, and about 11 Euros where applicable).

In the side bar you can see buttons which will take you to the ordering pages for each product, so buy something for the beer lover in your life.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Try Before You Buy

Below are previews of the Fuggled calendars for 2010, with photography from Mark Stewart of Black Gecko Photography.

Check out the previews and if you like them then follow the links and buy a copy or several.

Fuggled Prague Pubs 2010 Calendar

Fuggled 2010 Beer Calendar

Friday, September 11, 2009


As you can see, on the left hand side are a couple of buttons that link to Lulu projects, the first products in a range of Fuggled merchandise in the pipeline. Our first offerings are two 2010 calendars.

The first calendar, I guess the name gives it away, is the Fuggled 2010 Prague Pubs Calendar, which consists of 13 beautiful pictures taken in some of the city's best pubs and brewpubs. The Fuggled Beer Calendar 2010 focuses purely on beer rather than pubs.

With all my ideas for merchandise I am very lucky that I get to work with some exceptionally talented people, and these calendars are a product of working with Mark Stewart from Black Gecko Photography. I have worked with Mark a couple of times now, he was the photographer at my wedding last year, and we have been working together on a project which we hope to bring to fruition in the very near future - a pocket guide to the pubs of Prague.

To my mind, Mark is one of the very best photographers in Prague at the moment, you really should check out his website and look at his work, in particular some of his evocative pictures of the city skyscape. Not only is he superbly talented, he is a top top man as well, and someone who I miss very much from this side of the Atlantic.

The price for each calendar is $15.50 each plus shipping, however much that would be to your particular part of the world. Beautiful pictures of the Mother of Cities and a beer inspired 2010, what more could you ask (I think your mates would like them too!)?

Now before I get some smart alec comments about advertising on Fuggled, I have only ever refused to take paid advertising, making my own merchandise doesn't count.

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