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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

When Things Don't Quite Make Sense

I am on holiday at the moment, soaking up sunshine in Florida and continuing that proud British tradition of emulating the lobster, albeit with bleached blond arm hair. Seeing as though many a craft brewery in the US doesn't have national distribution, I have made efforts to seek out locally produced craft beer, one of which I mentioned in the previous post about light beer.

Prior to taking up my position on the grill, also known as the poolside deck, the other day, I stashed the complete range of Ybor Gold beers from the Florida Brewing Company into the ice chest and merrily made my way down to the pool. Also chucked into the ice chest were a few bottles of ; Michelob of course being an A-B InBev brand.

I know what a lot of people will be thinking, Florida Brewing Company good, A-B InBev bad, well my friends in this case it is time to switch your thinking. I will write more about the Ybor Gold range of beers next week when I am back in South Carolina, as well as a fuller write up on Michelob AmberBock. Suffice though to say for the time being, AmberBock, while not being a magnificent, blow your brains out beer, is a step above any of the Ybor Gold stuff I tried.

Who said big brewers can't make good beer??

Monday, July 20, 2009

A Little Light Identity Crisis

There are some beer styles that I simply don't get. Among that less than august list is "light" beer, in its various guises, whether the mass produced Bud Light (for some reason I have the urge to call it Butt Wipe, but there we go) or Samuel Adams Light from one of the bigger "craft brewers", to even the abysmal Ybor Gold Light from the Florida Brewing Company which I have just had the misfortune of sampling on the beach in Daytona - seriously it was so bad even my non-craft beer drinker father-in-law thought it was awful.

Before continuing my rant let me just say that I am 100% behind the Session Beer Project, and thoroughly enjoy beers which are below 4.5%ABV, however I have serious misgivings about the fad for light beers which seem to take up the vast majority of cooler space in supermarket beer aisles, especially when it comes to light beers from the craft brewing section of the industry.

I assume there is a market for such beers or people like the Boston Beer Company wouldn't be muscling in on the act, but I fear that products such as Samuel Adams Light takes away from the core Boston Lager brand - which in my world is up there with the finest of Czech lagers and will most likely assume the status of permanent lager in my cellar. However, the very thing that created a national demand for beers such as Samuel Adams is the very thing that the company should cling to, it is different from the mainstream in that it is a flavourful quality lager, by comparison the Samuel Adams Light is an abberation.

Say yes to session beer, but session beer is so much more than just a light lager with nothing going for it other than a low ABV.

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