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Friday, September 12, 2008

These are Evil Times

Last night I went back to Zly ?asy - which literally translates as Evil Times - largley because I was curious to try the corn beer which was advertised on their website. Yes you read that correctly, corn beer. This is one of the products of Pivovarsky Dv?r Chyně just outside Prague, which is, according to their website, the first Czech brewpub and is located in former monastery buildings. The beer itself is a pale golden colour with a good thick head, which didn't disappear faster than a politician's morals in the face of potential power. Tastewise it is difficult to really explain, I was hoping that it would taste something like cornbread - Mrs Velkyal being from the South means I have been introduced to all manner of delicious food, biscuits and gravy for breakfast? Yes ma'am! But my expectations were dashed, it tasted like the vast majority of Czech lagers, which is certainly not a bad thing, but I was hoping for something different, maybe even revelatory. It was however a lot smoother than many Czech lagers of a similar strength, it was an 11°. By the end of the glass though I was pondering something different.

That something different came from the east of Prague, near Pardubice, to be precise the small town of Medle?ice, home to the pivovar of the same name - it was their 12° dark lager. I have become something of a fan of dark lagers over the last year, in particular the offerings from Eggenberg, Chodovar and the absolutely wonderful ?tramberk. When I first arrived in the Czech Republic I was told in no uncertain terms by various people, that dark lager was for girls, especially for giving girls large breasts. Anyway, back to the beer, this dark lager is thick, really thick and has a wonderful towering ivory head. It is very smooth with coffee tones, again there was a hint of plum on the nose and in the drinking. I rather enjoyed this beer.

Zly ?asy is becoming a favourite place of mine because they have somewhat obscure beers that even places like Pivovarsky Klub never, or very rarely, have available. There were another couple of beers on tap last night which I didn't try; the Kacov 10° lager and the Svaty Norbert Weizen which I had tried before. With a selection that changes quite often, this is pub that will be re-visited a lot.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Klaster redux

I think it is fairly obvious by now that I am not a big fan of Klaster. I do however try to keep an open mind and so when Pivni Filosof commented that he really likes Klaster I decided that I should make an effort to go beyond the 12o on which I had based my views. Thus last night doing the shopping I noticed Klaster for sale, and I bought a bottle of their 11o - at the insane price of 12kc, which works out at about 40p for British readers, or $0.70 for the Americans, and the Europeans have it at €0.50.

Having chilled the bottle thoroughly, I poured it into Mrs Velkyal's Pilsner Urquell glass and got very little head - I don't know whether it is my pouring technique, the glass or the beer but with Klaster I always get a pants head - and I am of the opinion that a properly poured lager should have plenty of foamy joy.

So it was I took my first mouthful, and I was shocked that I quite liked it and I commented to Mrs Velkyal that perhaps I had misjudged Klaster, ok it is never going to be a regular drink I thought but it isn't that bad. However I was to be ultimately disappointed, as the drink wore on it became just another half decent lager - not one I would go out of my way to drink. By the time I got to the very end of the drink it had become decidedly soapy and I was once again left with a deflated feeling.

When I mentioned to Mrs Velkyal that I just didn't enjoy Klaster beers she reminded me that on our trip to the Eggenberg Brewery in ?esky Krumlov I wasn't too enamored with the pale lagers they produce, only to really enjoy their dark lager. So next I must hunt out a Klaster Tmave and continue the research.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What's in a name?

I saw the sign below at the Eggenberg Brewery in ?esky Krumlov and found it very interesting. For those of you who don't have any German it says "Budweiser from the Original Source", just as Pilsner Urquell is "Pilsner from the Original Source".

The sign goes on to state that this "Budweiser Urquell" is brewed at the Burgers' Brewery in Budweis, which is the German name for the modern city of ?eské Budějovice. The Burgers' Brewery in Budweis, according to the sign was founded in 1795, some 60 years before the Bavarian Brewing Company was founded in the US - it was this brewery that would become Anheuser-Busch. Indeed the Burger's Brewery in Budweis, which is today the Budějovicky mě??ansky Pivovar - "Town Brewery of Budweis", is 100 years older than the makers of Budvar.

By the time the Bavarian Brewing Company had been renamed in 1860 the Burger's Brewery of Budweis had been selling under the brand name "Budweiser Bier" for over half a century.

According to Shakespeare, a rose by any other name would smell as sweet - the converse must also be true, call a beer made with rice what you will, it won't change the fact that it is dish water.

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