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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Last Chance Saloon?

It is that time of the year again. Don't worry, I am not getting going on the annual round of review posts quite yet. I am referring to it being the time of year when the shops abound with calendars for next year.

Let us for a moment assume that the Mayans were right and there is a great cataclysm coming our way next year, and given the look of the field of candidates for the Republican Party's nomination for the President I fear they may have been on to something, this could be your last chance to have a Fuggled calendar adorn your wall for 12 months.

Once again the supremely talented photographer, and all round good bloke, Mark Stewart of Black Gecko Photography has provided the pictures. There isn't an overarching theme to this year's calendars, over than beautiful pictures of pubs, beer and brewing.

The link to the calendar is over there, just above the link to the Pocket Pub Guide to Prague, also with pictures by Mark. The price is an eminently reasonable $15.50, I shall stop there for fear of sounding like those TV salesman proclaiming "but wait, there's more", which really should be translated "What? You haven't put the kettle on yet to escape my dreadful drone?".

* The picture above is a low resolution version of one of the pictures that didn't get chosen for the calendar.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Get Ready for 2011!

Due to last year's positive reaction, I have once again teamed up with the obscenely talented Mark Stewart of Black Gecko Photography, to bring you the 2011 Fuggled Calendar.

Featuring some of Prague's most popular and well known pubs, including Zly ?asy and U Flek?, Mark's evocative photography captures the vibrant nature of Czech pub life. Below are a couple of pictures that didn't make the cut this year as a taster for what you can expect.

Priced at only $15.50 plus shipping, that's about €11.10 or £9.80 for my Eurozone and British readers respectively, just click on the link to the left and have some of the most beautiful pictures of Prague pubs and beer you will find, on your wall for 2011.

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