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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Not Cool, Man

Life has been a tad hectic of late.

Last Monday I started my new job, back at the company that laid me off in October, but in a different capacity, which kind of explains the lack of posting of late. I have been getting back into the swing of working life, and thoroughly enjoying it.

One of my little habits is to go for a lunch time walk a few days a week, which is a pleasant way to while away an hour or so. Today, in the summer heat, I pottered off around the centre of Charlottesville to stretch my legs and enjoy the warmth. As I headed back to the office, I popped into a local bottle shop to peruse the selection.

For some reason I noticed that most of the beer was sat out on shelves at not much below room temperature, even the lagers. Keeping top fermented beers on the shelves at about room temperature might not be entirely awful, but treating a beer which has spent most of its life at cool to cold temperatures in the same way is simply asking for trouble.

The shop does have fridges, but they were full of...yes you guessed it...warm fermented beer.

Really, what is the point of selling a good selection of beer if you aren't going to treat it well before it goes out the door?

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