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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Three Word Challenge

Describing beers in three words, allowing for use of very, really, etc , obviously entirely subjective.
Burton Bridge Santa's Christmas Porter - Black, lifeless, bland

Harviestoun Old Engine Oil - Very dark, beautifully smooth, fantastic

Atlas Latitude - Golden, soft, classic

- Amber, spicy, marmelade

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Beer Hero of the Week

With my going off to Oxford this evening I decided to post up this week's Beer Hero of the Week today - thus saving me the hassle of leaving the pub tomorrow to find an internet cafe.

One of my favourite animals is the squirrel, in particular the red squirrel which is native the British Isles and under threat of extinction, due to destruction of habitat and encroachment by the imported grey squirrel, practically the only area which still has red squirrels is the Highlands of Scotland.

This week the Atlas Brewery in Kinlochleven released a new ale, called Red Squirrel. Part of the profits from this new ale are to be donated to the Highland Red Squirrel Group who are working to ensure that the British Isles don't lose our native squirrel.

So I would encourage everyone who can to go out and buy Red Squirrel ale, so here we are ladies and gentlemen, my beer hero of the week:

The Atlas Brewery

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