Thursday, April 16, 2009

Improving Gambrinus

Warning, those of you of a delicate disposition may wish to look away at the end of this post as the photo may be too much for you.

The rest of us though can take dark pleasure in this method of improving Gambrinus, the Czech Republic's best-selling beer.

My boss spent most of last week in Moscow, and I am sure that after several hours on an Aeroflot flight the first thing on his mind when he got back to Prague was to have a nice cold beer. Well his beer was certainly cold, he had inadvertently left a few bottles of Plzeň's other brew in his freezer.

This is what he had....

Frozen beer and a broken bottle, rendering the Gambrinus entirely undrinkable - an improvement indeed.


  1. And here's me thinking that the reknowned Fuggled Brewery has invented some sophisticated and hitherto unknown technique to enhance the already-sublime experience of partaking of a bottle of finest Pilsen brew-thingy... :)

  2. But would this also improve a Pilsner Urquell, a Kozel, a Staropramen or a Budweiser?

  3. If the PU came from their breweries in Poland or Russia, sure. Staropramen, probably, Budweiser most defintely - though I guess you mean Budvar, in which case it would be a shame, especially the dark.

  4. I think we can exclude Budvar from this treatment, on the grounds of it being a respectable brew. Staropramen and Budweiser deserve all they get, though. :)

  5. i've never seen anything like this...!

  6. I wonder if it is a product of the fact that Gambrinus is fermented from an OG of 13 degrees plato and then watered down to make the "vycepni" and "premium" versions.

  7. How long does beer need to be in a freezer to do that? I often leave mine in the freezer to cool them quickly, especially if I take them from my warm fermenting room.

  8. This one had been in the freezer for a week - my colleague went to Russia and forgot it was there.


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